Responsive Website Design

In today’s modern era of the smartphone, a responsive website is no longer just a luxury, it has become a necessity. We understand that the days when websites were only viewed on desktop computers are over. Now, smartphones have now taken over and this is why your website needs to cater to the requirements of all types of screen sizes and devices.

It is also worth mentioning here that over 60% of all traffic on the internet today comes from mobile devices. This means that there is a higher probability of your website being accessed through a smartphone or tablet than desktop computers. This statistic perfectly illustrates why it is essential for a brand to have a responsive web design. The most successful brands today have websites that are designed to adapt to all devices that they are accessed from.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Let us first begin by understanding what exactly responsive web design means. In simple terms, it is a particular method of developing a website so that is able to adjust to the screen size that it is viewed on. The website automatically adjusts all elements on the current web page (such as font size and images) to fit the user’s current device. This enhances the user experience for customers that will be visiting your business website.

responsive web design

Surprisingly, despite the growing popularity of smartphones and responsive websites, the majority of business websites today are not mobile compatible. This mistake by businesses leads to negative user experience for the customers that eventually leads them to look for other options. We, here, at recognize this and encourage our clients to integrate responsive web design in their website to ensure best results.

How Is A Responsive Website Different To A Regular Website?

A common question asked by our clients is: How is a responsive website different to a regular website? Well, before the concept of responsive web design was introduced, all websites consisted of a layout and framework that was based on a ‘one size fits all screens’ approach. This was a successful methodology for when desktop computers and laptops were the only devices used to access websites.
However, as mobile devices became more and more common, it became more and more difficult for users to render websites on the small screens of these devices. The text was too small, the images did not load to the correct size, and the layout seemed distorted. This is when the ‘one size fits all screen’ technique used for regular websites failed. The frustration of the users eventually led us to the discovery of responsive web design.

The technique of responsive web designs is based on adaptability. A responsive website consists of several different layouts and frameworks that are designed specifically for different screen sizes (according to the device). Today, the most successful websites are based on responsive web design. We provide you with the best services in the market today for converting your old and boring website to a dynamic and responsive one.

Why Should You Use Responsive Web Design?

If you are already not convinced that you need to switch over to responsive web design, here are the results of a study concluded by Google just recently:

  • 52% of all internet users have stated that poor user experience with websites on mobile has made them less likely to engage further with a business.
  • 48% of them said that they feel frustrated and even annoyed when a website does not work well on their smartphones.
  • 36% of these users feel that they have wasted their time by visiting websites that are not mobile-friendly.

We know how important it is to have a responsive mobile website in today’s competitive market, this is why we believe in providing you with all the services you need to make your business website stand apart from its competitors.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Web Design?

There are numerous benefits that you gain by working with us. We are a highly skilled team of professionals that believe in providing quality at all costs. We design your website with great detail to ensure that it integrates all the necessary components. We interact with you throughout the design phase to make sure everything is made exactly according to your requirements.

Here are the benefits you gain when you choose our responsive web design services:

  • Cost effectiveness: Instead of spending valuable time and resources to build a website from scratch, we modify your existing website to optimize it for all devices. This benefits your business by significantly reducing the costs for your responsive website. Another advantage of responsive web design here is that you do not need a separate mobile website for your business that reduces maintenance and development costs for your company.
  • Positive user experience: Our professional team of web designers works to ensure that the users of your business’ website have a seamless user experience, irrelevant of the device that they are using. Statistics show that clients are less likely to contact you if they have a bad experience with your website. This is why we believe that positive user experience is an essential part of a website. Our team integrates flawless design with adjustable layouts and flexible frameworks to make sure that your website is easily viewable on all mobile devices.
  • Easy managing: It can be very difficult for you to manage separate websites for both desktop and mobile. However, through the use of responsive web design and a powerful content management system, we make sure that you have everything you need to control your website right at your disposal.
  • Scalability: As a web design company, we understand the requirements of the growing technology industry. No matter what device or platform your website is accessed on, it will look great for the user. We quickly adapt to newer technologies and ensure that they are integrated into your website.
  • Search engine optimization: With a responsive website, you do not have to worry about duplicating content or diverting traffic to multiple domains (for mobile and domain). This will ensure that your website is consistent and dynamic that improves its chances of being visible to search engines.

The 5 Key Ingredients For Responsive Web Design:

The promotion of your business’ services and products is the primary goal of your website. However, a simple static website will not do much good for your business. Nowadays, the majority of the users today expect a website to be interactive, quick, informative, and easily accessible. Effective planning before the development of your business’ website can help you connect better with your clients. Here are the 5 key ingredients that we integrate into your business website to boost customer satisfaction:

  • Information Architecture: The manner in which the content on your website is organized, structured, and labeled is very important for the users. The main purpose of having an information architecture in responsive web design is to help users complete tasks and find information easily on the website. A website is no useful to a visitor if it is filled with information that is meaningless or inappropriate. Our team of skilled data analysts study the information available on your website to build an information architecture that is best suited for your customers.
  • Content: While the information architecture is important, the content that goes into it is equally as important. If the content on your website has no meaning for the visitors, it is useless irrelevant of how advanced or interactive it may be. We combine together the various types of content (such as animations, images, and text) to drastically improve user experience. Our content writers make use of engaging headlines with strong calls to action to communicate your marketing message to the audience in an effective, reliable manner.
  • Navigation: Today, most users spend an average of only half a minute on a website before deciding if they should continue browsing through it. Moreover, a user is likely to leave your website immediately if they cannot find the information they want easily. This is why we make use of clear navigation on your website to ensure minimal learnability.
  • Usability: When a user comes to your website, they have a specific goal in their mind. For instance, they might be looking to find information about your business such as contact details. How easily they can achieve this goal is defined as the usability. A successful website is not only well organized and well designed, but highly usable as well. Our approach to usability is to understand your customer’s requirements from the website. We then use this information to formulate and implement usability goals.
  • Performance: There are numerous factors that affect a website’s performance, particularly that of responsive websites. From poorly written code to poor utilization of browser caches, everything can slow down your website. We recognize this and test the speed of your website at every phase in the development process. Our goal is to optimize your website so that it is quick to load and efficient to use.

What Are The Services We Offer?

Our ranges of services are ideal for anyone that is looking for the complete web design solution. From designing the site’s layout to maintenance, we have everything covered for you so that you can focus on what is more important, your business. Here is the wide list of services that we have on offer for responsive web design:

Designed For Four Corners:

Our products are designed specifically to fit the four corners of all screens, not just specific dimensions. This helps us ensure that your website is optimized for all screen sizes, irrelevant of how big or small they are.

Device Agnostic:

The objective of every website we build is to make sure that they are device agnostic. This ensures that users have a high positive experience with your website, no matter what device they use.

Cross Browser Support:

Not only do we build websites that are compatible across multiple devices, but we optimise them to be supported by a range of browsers as well. All our websites are supported across the most popular browsers that include Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


We keep performance in our minds at every step in the development process. Our responsive web designs incorporate strategies to make your website efficient without consuming a large percentage of the user’s memory.

Fluid Width:

The responsive web designs that we produce are based on grids that are calculated via fluid percentages. This makes sure that your website will not ‘break’ when it is accessed via a new device’s screen.

Designed For Real People:

A website that does not solve the user’s basic requirements is useless and pointless. This is why our primary focus is to design websites that solve the problems faced by your customers.

24/7 Support:

There are numerous maintenance updates required for a website, even after it has been published. With our 24/7 customer support, you never have to worry about the maintenance of your website. Our team of professionals is available at your disposal at all time that is ready to service your requests at all times.

No Contracts:

Do you hate those long-term contracts that bind you to a specific client or company? Well, we do too! We believe that you have every right to leave us if we cannot prove our value to you, every single day. You can sign on with us with no commitments and no contracts because we are confident that we can please you with the services that we provide.

Clean UX & Design:

We put in our best effort to make sure your website is attractive, beautiful, and usable. We incorporate rich layouts with powerful functionality to give you everything that you need on your business’ website.

Easily Customizable:

A generic website is just not the piece of cake for everyone, especially not for businesses that are looking to expand. Through our services, your website will be customized according to your brand and your requirements so that it stands apart from all the rest.

Easy to make changes:

The new responsive web design will give you complete control over your website. With the integration of a powerful content management system, we will let you carry out front-end editing, publishing, and content maintenance without having to know any technical details about the website itself!

Search Engines Optimization:

We take special care of SEO at every step of our process, and our practices ensure that your new site is search engine friendly. From the design to the content, everything on your site will be optimized for greater visibility on search engines.

How do We Carry Out The Process?

We feel it’s essential for you to know how your work is done. We have a well-developed strategy for all our customers and here are the five basic steps we always follow to provide the best of services.

Evaluation: Show us your old site or some other sites you like as an example. Our team will then arrange an interview with you to clearly understand the needs and requirements. This helps us carry out our best practices to redesign your site in a way that you love.

Development: This is the stage where our phenomenal practices and your ideas are actually implemented. Keeping your requirements and designs in mind, we will create a beautiful responsive website for you that work on all devices.

Editing: We will show you your new site and make any changes you want before the launch. In the meantime, we will prepare ourselves for the more technical stuff like re-pointing your servers.

Celebration: Your site will be much more attractive and usable too. You will start getting much more traffic due to the boost in rankings for living up to the web standards.

Updating: We don’t leave you on your own even after you’re live. You will have access to our team 24/7 for any updates and changes you need. We will also provide real-time analytics and strategy.

Nowadays, there are more users accessing the internet via their smartphones than from their desktop computers. However, because of the notable difference in screen sizes, simple websites that are made without responsive web design become distorted when they are accessed from smartphones. This distortion and lack of adaptability frustrate and annoy users to an extent that they immediately leave such a website.

This is the reason why it is essential for every business needs responsive web design. provides you with all the services that you need to make your website successful. We analyze your current website, redesign it to fit the modern trends, and implement responsive web design to ensure that your users are deeply satisfied with what they see and what they use.

If that is not enough to convince you, consider the fact that our economical packages and rates are suitable for your business’ budget, no matter how small it may be. We put your demands and requirements above everything else to ensure that work of the highest quality is delivered to you.