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Re-evaluate Your Website to gain a competitive advantage

Building an effective and engaging website cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. You need something more than logic and understanding of your subject. It is an ongoing process, and it needs few more essential elements to stand out among the dozens of similar sources out there. Your website can be one of the major assets of your business. If you know the art of managing it in an effective way, it can actually contribute in a qualitative and qualitative way as well.

So, act wisely, re-evaluate your website from time to time and get the greatest return. All you need to do is simply review your website. But not just with your vision, you need to review it with an audience’s vision. Every time you go through your web-portal and review it with a visitor’s perspective, you are bound to find certain lope holes. You need to stand out of others, and you need to be competitive in industry and website reevaluation can be a master tool to maintain relevance for your customer.

So, Let us take the Resolution. The Resolution for Re-evaluation of our websites is twice a year. You can go about investing more time and thus evaluate more. Here, essentials points of website reevaluation are described;

You need to ask these questions from you every time you think about revaluation;

  1. Did you Check Compliance with New Search Engines Rules?
  2. Have you verified your Website’s Elements Work?
  3. Are you making the best use of technology?
  4. Have you done the Benchmarking Design Test?
  5. Is your website mobile friendly?
  6. Are you a step ahead of Competitors?
  7. Is Your Website Getting Stale?
  8. Are your claims substantiated?
  9. Did you take a Look At Your Design Did you Measure your Progress?
  10. Did you Measure your Progress?

Did you Check Compliance with New Search Engines Rules?

Every time you go about reviewing your website through visitor’s perspective, you are bound to feel the need for certain modifications. Certain periodic changes to your website according to the trend can be your master password to hack the gateway of higher profits. You need regular modifications to surpass the competition.

During the designing phase, your website must have complied with the guidelines of search engines. But did you make a check on current search engine rules? Evolution isn’t just a natural phenomenon, things on internet evaluate too. And so does the search engines. They tend to use the latest techs to make the searching experience better and easier. If you tend to stick to the latest guidelines, you have fair chances to find an elevation in your rankings. So, follow the trend. Always make sure that your website stays compliant, and it is SEO friendly.

Your prospective clients have not met you in person, so the first impression that they can gain from your business can be through your website. You need to impress your visitors, whether they are new or returning. So the challenge is to keep them engaged. But an attractive web page and search-engine friendly website aren’t the only elements.

The content that you’ve displayed to the audience is the end product. People today do not go by reading everything written on the web page, they tend to skim and gain information in short span of time. So craft your content accordingly. You have limited time, so do not just go about writing anything and everything. Be selective. Omit, edit, reevaluate and verify your content now and then.

Have you verified your Website’s Elements Work?

So you have given your website a modern touch up, you’ve transformed it with harmonious colors, you’ve penned down engaging content, and you’ve added hyperlinks for easier browsing. But do the work? Is your website easy to navigate?

Always ensure that all your website’s elements work. Make a check on the response time, for they tend to get slower at times. If your visitors happen to get troubled in reaching the particular page, they are very likely to find another substitute. A link you had added years ago may not work, and the page you wanted to show your visitors might be non-existent, so a regular check on all these is a must. Your new visitors may rate your product quality by how well your website responds. Add all elements that can encourage your visitor to stay.

Do not just go about putting up anything or everything there on your portal. Always verify and make a sharp check on every single thing that you have displayed for your costumers. Each of your website parts should be working, from hyperlinks to the pages and video links.

Are you making the best use of technology?

How about making the best use of available technology? There is a dozen of online tools which you can bring into use and avail benefits through it. You can incorporate such online tools and value-added services. When you incorporate latest technologies, you give another reason to your visitors to visit your website. If you lack such technologies, it can automatically reflect negatively on your credibility, and can appear to be behind the times. Ergo, best use of technology can be a plus point.

Technology has hell lots of things to offer. It is in your hand to make the most of it. So always keep your mind updated with the latest trends, and then go about updating your website as well. Be tech savvy, for that can earn you major benefits. Always incorporate the online tools and ensure everything that you have added is working. We do not need out-dated and non-existing pages on the portal. So put something new and engaging to invite new visitors and to make sure the old ones return to visit you again.

Have you done the Benchmarking Design Test?

BDT (Benchmarking Design Test) is the process of testing a site or app’s progress over time. So a regular and thorough benchmarking is a must do. It plays a huge role to understand and learn all the negative elements and thus modify the website into something better. Your testing strategy should have the benchmarking. When done properly, the results can help you provide a lot of spectacular information about how your website is performing over time.

You can thus produce a modern design, easy-to-read fonts. In short, learn about the lope holes and work accordingly. If the test reveals the need for better screen resolutions, you can go about working for it and thus improvise things. The best way to improve your work is by learning your short comings and the loop holes. The benchmarking test is the best way for that. So why not get benefited through it?

Every time you add a new feature or modify something, just go and test it through the benchmarking design test. The result will have you to take a look at the end product. You are more likely to find something which needs modification.

Is your website mobile friendly?

The births of smartphones have made browsing handy. And thus the need for the mobile friendly website was felt. A study by Google had revealed that about 84percent people go about browsing through their mobiles. Browsing through smartphones is the most preferred search methods. And Google also revealed that when mobile users search, they tend to buy at least 40 percent more. So, have you made your site mobile friendly?

Do not just go by making your website’s layout unique. Make sure it’s eye appealing for mobile users too. So the next you list out things to be improved, remember to add on the mobile friendly feature. The recently build websites have this feature added, and they are easier when opened through smartphones. The contents are well displayed, and the words or graphics do not split apart, unlike those who are non-mobile friendly.

Are you a step ahead of Competitors?

Remember to stay ahead of your competitors. Try your level best and learn to stay one step ahead of them when it is about your website. Whenever you plan to modify your website, go about checking all your competitors’ websites, especially the one who is your closest competitor. You should always tend to distinguish your business from that of your competitors, and this could only be done by using better web layout, improvised content, and quality social strategy. This way you get to end up winning more potential customers.

Every time you re-evaluate, you should create new goals that you want to reach because your website can be a huge tool for the growth of your business. So, use it effectively.

Is Your Website Getting Stale?

The most astonishing thing about the world of internet is its constant change and growth. So, how about using this constant growth for our own advantage? We do not like stale bread, neither do we like a stale webpage or the outdated content available on it. Then what’s the point of keeping it outdated when you can actually go about keeping current with web trends? Any smart business person would tend to Look at look at site from the viewpoint of a new customer and make sure that it makes sense to them.

An out dated content is not required. So do not just put it up just because you want something displayed. Develop the habit of recycling your website too. Put up something that’s worth attracting your visitor’s attention. An old web portal, old design or layout will never be impressive enough for those who are visiting the site.

Freshen Up your mind and your site too. This can only be done if you stay tuned to all the advanced techs and try to be tech savvy. Be smart enough to evaluate your website now and then and trash all those things which have no place there.

Re-Evaluation of Your Content Can Be Helpful

Make sure that you are putting out quality content for your audience; try not just to go about spitting out useless words? And if you cannot write something engaging, then hire a good and skilled writer. You can add some graphics because they can actually help keeping people on your site for a longer duration. In order to get more traffic, you can go by taking a look at the digital marketing strategy. Share your written content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

So, timely re-evaluation of your content can be helpful too. And if you can, then hire someone for that. Successful businesses always tend to do that. They hire a potential writer for their website and keep the content updated.

It is always safe to keep your website updated with fresh and evergreen contents. You seriously need to put up an outdated content on your website. Build a policy to keep a check on your contents and make sure only required things are present. Learn to handle the outdated content, either edit or improvise them by modifying it or just trash it down the lane. Implementation will always boost your website’s performance and also reduce the chances of user’s abandonment. Reevaluations will help you to learn which content issues concern your website.

 Are your claims substantiated?

When you claim that your products have achieved results, always ensure that you have also displayed examples or the proofs for your claims on your site that substantiate this? You can always post the Case studies, client lists, and testimonials; these are always helpful in proving the efficacy of your service. Any third party endorsements usually tend to create more impact and credibility than those which are promotional text. So do not go about relegating to separating the testimonials pages. You should instead take in the consideration that visitors often go directly to these pages to look at products or the services which they are interested in. Having a testimonial which is specific to that product or service on the same page tend confirms for the visitor that you have actually successfully delivered the product on your claim.

Did you take a Look at Your Design?

This one is real important. Always ensure that your website has a latest design. It’s essential to keep current with web design and with the development best practices as well. We are not asking you to change your website every time a new trend enters the scene, but you must make yourself aware of all the trends. A first impression can be everlasting, so how about making it good? The more people like your site, the more time they will stay on it or return.

Appealing websites with better layouts have higher chances to attract an audience. So make sure you keep it renewed with latest layouts. There are millions of designs and layouts out there, so do not just go about sticking to classics and the ancient ones.

Did you Measure your Progress?

Always ensure to measure your progress. After you’ve successfully made changes on your website, be sure to benchmark your current rankings. Remember to go back and check back often to see how they’re holding up. You can also use the several ranking tools out there, but always make sure to use one point of reference and do not go about checking and relying on different ranking checkers. With the help of personalized search, you will get consistent rankings from the same website and thus help yourself to establish consistency.

Now that we have discussed all the major points for the revaluation of the website, we can now move on to discussing, when to reevaluate your website.

There is no particular season or timing for evaluation. You can just go about doing it whenever you feel the need for it. But we often tend to ignore and procrastinate such works. So, one should better set the goal and resolve to do it twice or thrice a year. Stop procrastinating and schedule this essential work. People, who are running a successful business online, have their website most updated and well evaluated. You can be one among those if you tend to build up that habit too. Anytime of the year is as good a time for work like revaluation. So give some priorities to your website. Go about looking for all the areas that are in dire need of improvement, and most importantly do a bit of keyword research to see if your efforts need a change. You can go about using the online tools for keyword analysis. For example; WordStream’s will provides you with a few keyword ideas to help you along. There are few important ways to find out the right keywords, and these sites can help you with revaluation.

To Conclude

Act wisely, re-evaluate your website from time to time and get the greatest return. All you need to do is simply review your website twice a year. Re-evaluation isn’t just to give a new look to your website. It can actually be a way to invite more visitors through new implementations and the changes that you have brought into. So be wise while you are at it.