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25 Ways that Website Support Can Help Save Your Website

The era of web development and website creation is at its peak. The internet has finally become the vast information platform that it was once deemed to be. With time, every other person is moving to create a website of their own. The sheer number of websites on the world wide web is staggering with new bloggers and developers joining the club every day! Usually, when you set out to make a website, may it be for personal reasons or financial ones, the first thing that you do is approach the content management systems. Naturally, you opt for any of the popular ones, including WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine or Drupal.

However, unknown to you, creating a website does not just end with opening a site on a CMS platform. Rather, you will need to constantly update and fix the tweaks of your site, which it runs into every now and then. It may seem simple at the moment, but if you are not an expert, chances are, the sheer number of things that can go wrong with your website may overwhelm you. What is your way out? Well, we advise using a professional team to help you out in these matters, and the Web Design Sydney can surely help you here.

If, however, you choose to ignore the problems and attempt to fix issues yourself, you might not be as lucky. CMS systems are the operating systems that run your website just like an android or iOS runs your tablet. This is why any problem in the system or on the website could be so complicated that it goes beyond the scope of an average problem-fixer to handle. You might take whole days to search out and upload particular files and patch up your website with several test runs to find at the end that the result remains zero. Your website just refuses to fix! To avoid these stressful problems, we present to you an easy way out, using the professional assistance of our well-versed developers at the web design Sydney. You can simply forget any core problems to focus your worries on the content only.

20 problems that you can overcome with good website support

There are a number of ways that we can help fix your site. You may not know it, but there are countless things that can go wrong anytime. Instead of worrying about how to fix them you can easily hand the job off to us for fixing. We will explore the matter and patch it up effectively so that your website is up and running in no time. Here we present to you the many problems which you can incur if you choose to leave your website on its own, unsupported and unmanaged. It may not be evident immediately, but over time the following problems will indefinitely make their appearance to become a constant bother:

  1. Insecure content, without proper support you run the risk of exposing your readers to malware and viruses that can easily trickle down from your website to their phone.
  2. Spam overload, if you choose to leave this part unattended, over time the number of spam links on your website will build up to the extent that there will be more spams than actual content, which will ultimately reduce your traffic.
  3. Inappropriate image popups, website support helps control the location and the type of images displayed on your site. Without this, you have no hand in controlling what image appears where falling victim to inappropriate imagery.
  4. Prolonged loading times, the standard time for a load is less than 2 seconds. Any site with a long loading time will not only drop down in Google’s view but will also be a hassle for visitors who do visit, forcing them to click away. Without constant support and update, this is one of the most frequent problems that befalls websites.
  5. Botnets, although you may not be actually responsible, unintentionally your site can become linked with criminal Botnets, shoving you into the cybercrime zone.
  6. Hacked by an image, this is a common problem if you don’t well maintain a site. Your website gets susceptible to being hacked and defaced by an inappropriate image or message.
  7. Identification theft, your personal account details, and other critical information may be open to robbery.
  8. Breach of Data Protection Act, you may not mean it, but due to your less than efficient securing of personal data, you may get involved with the DPA.
  9. Susceptible to breaking in and entering, due to lack of professional maintenance your site is likely to be overcome by an attack from external forces, leading to access transfer and loss of website control.
  10. Unmanageable rebuilding, following a hack a site, is usually unable to be corrected, which means you might have to rebuild it from scratch.
  11. Damaged reputation in the community, your professionalism and image are risked.
  12. Hosting providers will leave you, due to the bad impression your site will have on their future customers.
  13. Browser incompatibility, due to lack of update, your site will be inoperable by the latest browsers which will drop its traffic even further.
  14. User information leaks, as the site may cause inappropriate and uncontrolled pop-ups that require your visitors to input their details, exposing them to malware and hackers, unknowingly.
  15. Functionality failure, your website will fail to serve the purpose for which it was created.
  16. Low Search engine rankings (SEO Ranking), which will ultimately make you vanish from your visitors’ field of view, dropping your traffic even further.
  17. Cloned websites, your site runs the risk of duplication and being used for another purpose somewhere else, which damages your branding.
  18. Bogus linking, with offensive comments and language, may appear on your site, lowering its credentials even more.
  19. Trolled website, yes, your site can run the risk of being trolled.
  20. Loss of control, the complete handover of access to a super admin may also happen. The super admin may take over and change all the settings and passwords, destroying all your hard work in a flash.
  21. Contact form failure, which can lead to possible business details and contact information loss.
  22. Website bugs, there will be no end to the extent of different bugs and problems that can surface on your sites. Over time, these problems can become unmanageable.
  23. 404 errors, these will be displayed frequently on your site downgrading its user interface.
  24. Social media breakage, this will cause a traffic diversion to your other contact details, disrupting traffic flow all over.
  25. DOS, after so many issues, your site will ultimately suffer a denial of service and will be shut down forever.

All these horrid mishaps can occur to your site due to the failure of patch-ups. Even after effective correction the security issues, particularly on a shared server remain. This means that other users on the server are open to access your site through an unofficial route, unknown to you. This results in a constant insecurity which can only be avoided by choosing dedicated platforms that offer you the choice of setting access security to your preference. This eliminates the hacking risks by a major part. In addition to a secured CMS site, you also need to have your server updated and working. It does require some expenses and licensing on your part, but without it, your site is just as vulnerable to attack as on a shared server.

Furthermore, you can fortify your site’s security by using high-tech security software which serves to prevent intruders and attacks on your site from the outside. This helps keep your site, safe and strong for continued viewing. How do they work? Well, this software develops a filtering mechanism, looking into and blocking IP addresses of possible attackers. This way you are saved from the intrusion of these hackers. There are also many other features of the software that protect your site, highlighting why you should employ their services. Besides this, there are also certain plugins and custom security integrations that professional managements like Webdesign.Sydney can provide you, which will ultimately build up your sites defenses saving it from multiple acts of the override.

Considering the given information, there is no doubt of the importance of professional website maintaining. Their role is irreplaceable. Your website-making skills may be exemplary, but without the professional assistance, your site can fall victim to any number of mishaps. You wouldn’t want all your hard work to go to waste, would you? We don’t either! This is why we recommend quality Web design experts that know their jobs and a perfect candidate is Webdesign.Sydney. You can safely hand of your troubles to us. We handle the hard stuff, while you get the fruit.