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Pay-per-click is definitely amongst the most appropriate methods of marketing but there are a lot of specifications that have to be thoroughly considered

Pay-per-click or PPC, as it is most commonly referred to, is one of those things that might seem incredibly easy to navigate with but in reality the situation is quite different. AdWords management requires tons of proper research as well as profound expertise in order to yield the proper results instead of being waste of time and money that you are going to give away to Google. This is exactly where we would like to step into the picture, offering a helping hand. As a matter of fact, PPC advertising is a great add-on to our SEO services in order to provide you with a solution, resulting in even better and higher traffic. The truth is that organic and white-hat search engine optimization is usually going to take quite some time in order for the indexing to take place and for the changes to settle in. In the meantime, in order to avoid prolonged waiting periods with low amount of traffic which is without a doubt something that you don’t want, we could use a portion of your budget in order to focus on online advertising. Through proper and professional PPC Management we are going to rightfully determine whether or not there is a high demand for your particular product or service. PPC is without a doubt one of the best options in front of you and we are here to make sure that it’s properly taken advantage of.

Benefits of PPC advertising

There are a lot of related benefits that you could easily take advantage of if you choose to rely on the services of our highly professional and experienced marketing specialists. Let’s take a further look at them.

1. Immediate and prompt results.

Unlike search engine optimization, PPC advertising is going to skyrocket your page to the top of Google’s search rankings. That’s right – you are going to become the authority for the time that the campaign is paid for. This is going to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website and you can use this to pose the initial marketing schemes which are definitely highly effective.

2. Choose the way your ad is going to appear

You are also going to be provided with the chance to choose the appearance of your ad so you can take better advantage. You can also go ahead and come up with an original and attention grabbing design which is going to thoroughly increase the effectiveness of the entire campaign. Of course, you would be able to test different variations of your advertisement and figure out which one is going to be the best. You could use that later on when you are driving your regular marketing campaigns as it’s going to have a proven effect.

3. Determine a budget and stick to it

Now, one of the greatest things about proper AdWords management is that you will be given the chance to come up with a daily budget. Once you do so, you can freely stick to it without exceeding it and overspending on marketing. This is something that’s going to help you with the endeavors of financial stability and responsibility and you would be able to easily control your overall accounting far better and more efficient. This is something that’s incredibly important to every single PPC advertising campaign that we launch. We are going to do a thorough research and come up with the best ways for you to save as much money as it’s possible. Furthermore, our research results are going to provide you with clear and concise information regarding the exact amount of money that you could optimally spend in order to reach the best results. Of course, the decision is going to be ultimately yours but you are definitely highly advised to trust our professional directions.

4. Pin down your target audience

Unlike the majority of marketing campaigns, pay per click advertising is going to allow you to narrow down the desired audience to the designated location. For instance, if you have a service or a product which is going to be sold in one particular country, you can demand that your ads are displayed only to users from this particular country. This is incredibly convenient as it offers you with a chance to direct particular traffic to your website instead of scraping the internet for all sorts of non-relevant traffic that is almost certainly never going to convert into an actual sale.

5. You can use it as a test

That’s right – pay per click advertising is without a doubt one of the most successful approaches that you could test the value of your proper keywords with. This way you are going to have a clear and concise, objective base that’s going to let you know whether or not investing in SEO for these particular keywords is even worth it. This could be incredibly beneficial as it’s capable of saving you a lot of money. SEO is not always cheap and this way you can get off without having to spend a considerable amount of money on it as you would know in advance that it’s not going to work.

6. You only pay if someone clicks

That’s the best thing about PPC advertising. Unless you subscribe for an impression option – you are only going to be billed if and when someone clicks on your ad. This is incredibly lucrative as you won’t be charged for a particular display time and if you web page design is properly optimized to convert well you can get an incredible return of investment that you won’t be able to achieve with any other marketing technique.

Now, there are also a lot more benefits to pay per click advertising. For instance, it’s going to have a tremendous effect on the establishment of your particular brand. This is going to bolster your reputation and it’s definitely going to get you ahead of the game. However, there are a lot of things that have to be done in order for the PPC advertising to be effective yet efficient. There are a lot of integrated features within the AdWord campaign and if you haven’t got the AdWords certification the chances are that you probably won’t be able to take full advantage of the campaign in order to achieve the best return of investment. Of course, that’s where we are going to step into the picture in order to provide you with a helping hand. Self-drive pay per click advertising might sound tempting but it’s better to invest an additional dollar and to go ahead and leave the job to the professionals. This way you are going to ensure that your entire campaign is driven by experienced digital marketing agency who has all the necessary knowledge to get you the most out of the campaign. Our specialists are fully experienced in providing the best AdWords management on the market in Sydney and we are going to make sure that every single penny that you’ve invested is well worth it. Let’s take a look at what you are going to get in return for becoming our client.

Our PPC Management Services

1. Setting up your account

While a lot of people might tend to believe that this is an easy and routine task, setting up a properly functioning Adwords account is not that easy. There are some serious considerations that have to be taken into consideration and the entire process might become lengthy and annoying – that’s where we come in to provide you with a helping hand.

2. Keyword research

Doing keyword research is a highly specialized endeavor that can’t be carried out unless you have the designated experience and knowledge. All of our pay per click advertising campaigns are carried out after we do an extensive keyword research. The reason behind this is that we want to explore the market first and see how to properly target your ads so that you can get the most out of them. This means that we won’t simply direct your ads to the market that’s going to get you the highest amount of traffic because we understand that 100 000 visitors a day is absolutely no good if they don’t convert. This is why our keyword research is going to aim to drive the relevant traffic to your website – people who are already interested in what you have to offer and are highly likely to purchase your product or service upon seeing your website.

3. Analysis of your competition

There is no need to break new grounds here. We are going to see where your competitors are mostly successful at and we are going to trump that. Our experienced professionals have years of marketing behind their back and are capable of standing on top of your competition without an issues. Of course, some websites might require more time to outrank and outgrow but the results are more or less guaranteed. Furthermore, we are also going to take advantage of their weak spots and target them in order to exploit the setbacks of your competition to the fullest.

4. Creation of your ad text

Pay per click advertising relies heavily on the text that’s displayed on your ads. Now, it’s important to note that apart from the text you are also going to need a reliable imagery in order to get the people to click on the add. This is where we are specialized in. We can convey compelling, intriguing and engaging messages as well as appropriate accompanying images in order to hard sell your website. That’s incredibly powerful and we are capable of executing it throughout the potent graphic designs that we take advantage of and the compelling content that we are capable of coming up with.

5. Optimization of your landing page

As we said before, it won’t much matter if you drive thousands of people to your website and can’t get them to convert. The single, most important thing that’s going to deeply affect the conversion rate of your website is the landing page and its design. This is what’s going to make the first impression and that’s what’s going to be determining for your PPC advertising. However, you should rest assured that we are well aware of how to properly optimize your entire landing page so that it achieves the highest conversion rate. This is one of the features that we are offering on the side throughout conversion optimisation services that you might want to take a look at.

6. Recognizing brand new opportunities

Now, this might sound a bit far-fetched but our staff is experienced enough to predict the fluctuations of the market. We are fully capable of recognizing the opportunities that unravel in order to take the fullest advantage out of them. This is incredibly important as it would allow us to provide you with a service which is tailored for your particular preferences and requirements but at the same time it stays on top of the trends and tendencies, utilizing what they have to offer to the fullest.

Of course, there are far more options that we are going to take into consideration in accordance with the best Adwords management practices. It is only throughout excellently tailored services that we are capable of guaranteeing a 100% customer satisfaction. We make sure that this is our dearest value as there is nothing above the requirements of our clients. We are going to dully improve the performance of your pay per click advertising campaigns as our specialists are certified and experienced in this particular regard.

Taking it one step further, we are going to create a displaying text which is going to appropriately catch the curiosity of the user without being overly aggressive and feeling like a spam. That’s of utter importance. The truth is that the majority of competitors out there take a different approach where they flood the user with ads which get more or less annoying and are more likely to drive the potential customer away. We are well aware that ads can be incredibly annoying for browsing users and that’s why we take subtle and elegant approach. We are going to design the perfect ads for your PPC advertising which are going to subtly capture the attention of your target audience without being overly aggressive on them. This is incredibly important. We are going to push the customer towards making a decision instead of trying to force him into one as the latter is most certainly going to result in a negative consequence.

In any case, we would take advantage of modern marketing approaches, compulsive testing and effective keyword research in order to come up with the most appropriate PPC advertising campaign out there which is specifically tailored for your particular business. This is going to boast your revenues and increase your sales as we believe in a user-centric approach which is bound to deliver great results. Furthermore, this type of marketing is the best addition for the time during which you are waiting for the effects of your SEO campaigns to kick in. This isn’t a time that you should spend doing nothing and wasting it – you can spend a certain portion of your budget in order to boost its effects. The highest your traffic is the better your SEO campaign is going to go and we definitely advise to combine both approaches in order to come up with a powerful uniform methodology which is most certainly going to ensure tremendous effects and high traffic combined with proper conversions.

We are going to schedule your ads and match the keywords by types, we are going to explore different networking possibilities and distribute the ads accordingly. Furthermore, we are going to use every single growth opportunity in order to additionally increase the effects of the PPC advertising campaign.

We are well aware of the right ways to set up successful PPC campaigns. Furthermore, throughout our continuous dedication and optimization you are going to be able to observe the following benefits:

  • Lower cost per each click
  • Raised Quality Scores
  • Bringing target audience that’s willing to purchase instead of just browsing
  • Identify Keywords Gems that not a lot of people are actively looking for
  • Write optimized and compelling Ad texts to spark curiosity
  • Achieve higher conversion rates
  • Lower costs per each one of your conversions
  • Increase the traffic that’s of higher quality
  • Exclude irrelevant traffic that’s only going to waste your ad clicks
  • Improve your overall brand awareness.

Expert AdWords Audits

Is your conversion volume lowering while the PPC advertising expenses are getting higher? Do you want to get more conversions for smaller amounts of money? Can you understand why your average positions are lowering while you continuously pay more per every single click? Do you want help with your campaigns but you don’t want to outsource the entire management? Or maybe you just need a fresh third-party perspective on your PPC Advertising campaigns. In any case, we are here to provide you with an expert Adwords Audit that will focus on these key features that are going to have a strong influence on your return on investment.

  1. Structure of your account
  2. Adcopy
  3. Landing pages
  4. Which are the keyword match types
  5. Networks
  6. Scheduling of ads, delivery and distribution
  7. Quality score
  8. Share of your impressions
  9. Potential Growth Opportunities

In any case, if you are looking for a professional advertisement management company you have most certainly stumbled upon the right place. Through powerful PPC management we are going to make sure that your business thrives under the current market conditions and takes the best out of the same.

PPC Frequently Asked Questions:-

When will the ad be online?

PPC would take about 2 or 3 business days for the setup and afterwards you would see your live ads within an hour.

What are your fees on the PPC Marketing?
We would charge a small fee for the management that’s based on your budget. The higher your budget goes the lower the fee would be.

What if my competitors repetitively click on my ads to waste my budget?
Google, Yahoo and Bing have managed to stop this endeavor by allowing only the first click from a specific IP to count. So if your competitors do so consistently it would only accumulate one click.