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How to copy the success of high converting websites

The world of digital marketing and business is expanding every day. Having a prominent internet presence is inevitable for running a successful business. For this very purpose, it is important to develop a website keeping in mind all the requirements of making it a plus point for your business.

But if you already have a website with an awesome GUI, is SEO optimized in the best manner possible , attracting a lot of traffic yet is not generating any revenue for you, then there is definitely something wrong.

You may think that you have done all which high converting websites do for their target customers, yet they have a different approach. The approach might be different but it’s simple as well. They also invest in the best graphic designers, hire the most experienced SEO specialists and regularly optimize their website. However, they look at it not through the developer’s eyes but through the eyes of the target customers.

The good thing is that you can always learn from the rules these websites are following, and you will notice how amazingly they convert. Even if it is a website which is aesthetically ugly yet is converting more as compared to your beautifully designed one, then you definitely have to learn the rules of the game.

1. Design Website to Facilitate Visitors Not to Impress Designers

Designers take their work seriously. They definitely have this creative element inside of them which most of us may lack. This is why we all trust our well read and highly creative designers when it comes to designing websites. While having a beautiful website can really make you proud of the graphic designers you may have hired, yet it is a fact that if it is designed for the sake of design only, then it is not going to convert, which is your basic requirement. The reason being simple: most of the times, websites are pretty good looking, yet they are not practical enough to carry out SEO optimization perfectly.

A perfect example of it is the Flash player. It was a hit among the designers because of the various elements of designing and animation it provided them with. However, it has now become the least popular designing tool because the users want something which loads easily and give them the clarity of what they will be looking at, instead of waiting for that beautifully designed animation to load. Moreover, there are billions of internet users and you must look to attract millions of them to your website. Your targeted audience will include visitors of all age and caliber. Your website’s design should be pleasing and easy to use for all of them. If the beauty of web design make things difficult to navigate then it is better to avoid that design.

2. Less is More

This rule should be applied religiously while designing a website. The audience is now very busy and usually does not prefer to visit or purchase from such websites which have a lot of things going on at a time. This is why simplicity is the key. Your website should be designed in such a way that your target customers are immediately directed towards the page which they want. Also, a simply designed website is not heavy and can easily open on the mobile as well as almost half of the audiences prefer browsing the internet through their smart phones or tablet computers.

You can consider the complexity of the Flash player at the user’s end for its failure to further work as the preferred software for graphic designers. Additionally, a simple website is easily accessible from all kinds of devices including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. If you use nonstandard tools to develop your website to make it extra fancy then lots of users may not be able to access your website. It is easy to make a website responsive if it has few buttons and options on its different web pages and it is extremely necessary to make a website responsive if you want maximum number of people to use your website and make a purchase in few seconds.

3. Call to Action – The Backbone of Conversion

Websites with a high conversion rate not just have a perfectly written web copy, they entice their customers by giving them some sort of an incentive. This incentive is commonly known as the “call to action.” So, just describing the services which your company is offering, or singing high praises of your products are not going to win you many customers. You should give nudge them towards the right direction so that they purchase something.

The Call to Acton may sound something like the following:

  • What are you waiting for!
  • Click here to Getting Free Shipping
  • Grab the Deal
  • Subscribe Now
  • Get Your Gift Pack Right Now
  • Purchase Now to Get 50% Discount

1 Rule of Using Call to Action (CTA) Successfully: If you want your website to convert, then do not fill your web page with numerous calls to action. Remember that excess of everything is bad. One CTA on one web page is enough to get your target customer going, otherwise, he may get confused and may give up the idea of purchasing anything from your website completely. The ultimate goal is to make you visitors to perform some sort of activity even if he doesn’t want to purchase anything. If he will spend more time on your website then the chances for him to buy any stuff will increase. On the other hand, you should not make aggressive effort because it can frustrate visitors and you chances to make a sale will decrease.

4. Keep Your Web Copy Precise

While it is necessary to tell your audience as much about your business as you can, yet you should keep everything precise. Not many people have the time to read everything which is written over there. Just make sure to eliminate any redundant words. Use simple language with no complex sentence structure as well. The amount of web content is huge and people don’t have time to read everything on it. They usually read headings and highlighted portion of the web content therefore you should highlight the sale pitch on all pages of your website. It is highly recommended to use relevant images with one or two lines of text. Images get maximum attention of people and if you use only one or two line of text then there is 90% chance that visitor will read the text. If you use paragraphs and small text in images then most probably visitor will ignore the image. The size of image should not be very high because it will increase the web page loading time and your website must be super quick. There are lots of things that you can do to make your web content precise, fast to read, and engaging. Some of the tricks are following.

  • Use comprehensive headings but short enough to make them quick to read
  • Use bullet points
  • Highlight important phrases in the body of web content
  • Insert button or hyperlink after call to action statement
  • Structure should not be messy, smooth structure is crucial
  • Images with short text is best
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and make sure to give something useful to users.

5. Opt for Using the Next-Gen Buttons

Neil Patel, the mastermind behind QuickSprout, uses the website buttons in a creative manner.  Instead of going about with the usual “Subscribe” and “Sign up for Free” buttons, he has added “Yes, I want to make more money” and “No, I have enough money” ones. According to him, this creative play with words and buttons has actually helped him in getting more customers. His website also converts amazingly well. This is just one example of how successful converting websites works to get the attention of people. You must come up with a new idea to make your website unique. The technology has grown a lot and now web development kit has developed so much that you can change the entire layout of the website from single click. You can even ask the user to select the website theme of their preference. It will give the vibe of ownership to your visitors. You can adopt the same approach for your website by not just playing with words but also experimenting with the colors as well.

6. Provide the Necessary Details

Although it is necessary not to have a lengthy web copy written on your website, yet it is important that you provide your customers with all the necessary details they might be interested in. This is equally important for both new startups and old gurus as it provides a sense of security to your potential clients. They get consolation in the fact that you know your game and they will get a quality service which they require. There will be lots of users who will love to find out about your policies therefore you must have few pages dedicated to solely on technical and legal details of your business. It will also create a good image of your website because visitors will realize that you are committed to your business and you have done your homework. A website without privacy policy, disclaimer, term & conditions, and other such details don’t get too much success.

You can also add testimonial of real customers and tell your history to your visitors to create a bong with them. So, include your company’s successful progress in the form of graphs, stats, and even case studies. ShoeMoney, a successful blogger, tells his story of how he went from rags to riches right at the homepage of his website.

7. Make Everything Count

Whether it’s your copy or the images which you are using on your website, make sure that everything adds more value to it. Your taglines, as well as the images which you are using for your products, should be relevant. They should attract your customers instantly. This is a practice which is popular with high converting websites. A single tagline can make your website viral on internet. Some organizations even have a team dedicated to come up with a viral slogan or tag line to promote their website and business. Even many websites which may not rank higher in Google follow this practice and enjoy awesome revenue. You should use you primary slogan or tagline on the home page of your website. Your customer and visitors should be able to indentify your website, product, and service through that slogan or tagline. You can have several secondary slogans and taglines but over usage of these taglines can affect their inimitability.

8. Make Checkout Easier

One thing which really puts customers off is a lengthy checkout process. So, if you experience people leaving their desired products behind in the shopping cart and not bothering to go on with the purchase, then your whole checkout process is messed up.

Your checkout process should be as simple as A, B, Cs. Your customer should not have to fill out a lengthy form while checking out.  Instead, you should opt for incorporating merchant tools in your website. Merchant tools make the whole buying process easier, as the customer just have to add his credit card number, especially if it is someone who regularly buys from you. The advancement in e-commerce has opened the gates of innovative ways of charging your customers. You can even charge them through their mobile balance and you should consider all these options because your ultimate goal is to increase sale by facilitating your visitors and customers as much as possible.

If you want to take some inspiration then look at websites like eBay and Amazon where the customers have to create their account just once then all they need to do is to click once while checking out every time. You should visit successful website in your niche and find out why it is easy for you to purchase something on those website or which things are bothering you as a customer. Don’t browse those websites from the eye of competitors otherwise you will never be able to find out the strengths of your competitors.

9. Show How the Product is Beneficial for a Customer

Mostly all the businesses focus on telling their potential customers why they should purchase their product without thinking from their point of view. So if your product is “number 1, the best and the most popular” it is not going to impress your customer much. However, if you are going to tell your customer the benefits of using your product then the chances of your customer actually buying it increases. Lots of companies with exceptional products don’t get success because they don’t explain to their potential customers in simple words how much beneficial their product is for them. Your website should clear explain the benefits of your services and products.

So, if you are selling a vacuum cleaner, your web pages should include how it perfectly cleans your wooden floor and rugs, how it comes with 5 different attachments. How it can clean your car’s interior. How it can actually suck out all the dirt present in your keyboard with its super fine attachments. Te best example in this regard is the Amazon. The web page of every product on the Amazon contains a special segment with the detailed features of the product with images. You can scroll down to that segment and find out how that product can help you. It is also important to keep the structure similar in all web pages. The consistency is very crucial for the success of a website. Consistent structure makes it easier for visitors to tread your web content and consequently it increases the chance of sale.


Your website’s high conversion is not as tricky as it may seem. All you need to do is to look at your website through the audience’s side instead of your own. It is also important to bring in a second or a third opinion. You can always ask someone to assess your website for you to see whether they would like to get advantage from your services or products or not. There is always room for improvement, so even if your website is converting better than before, make sure that you work on it more enthusiastically so that more revenue is generated.

Apart from your designing and SEO team, bringing in your Marketing team in is equally important. It is bound to give you a lot of workable ideas for yielding more sales and revenue. The ultimate tip for success is the quality of product and service. You can’t get success if you are providing low-quality product or service. All these tips can get you to a long way if you keep the quality of your product and services to an optimum level.