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There is a massive growth in digital marketing since the intervention of the internet and modern technology. More and more businesses are building their online presence. Blurn helps you to set up and monitor the results of online promotion which a traditional form of advertising can’t offer.

Investing in digital marketing itself is a big decision for any business. But sometimes, a little SEO or PPC work can do the trick of increasing sales and the brand image. Get in touch with Blurn digital Sydney, Australia to find out the services we offer. At Blurn, we offer free consultation services to startups or established companies.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): It is the process of driving traffic to your website via search engines. SEO and PPC bring traffic through both paid and organic means. PPC is bringing in traffic through paid advertising while SEO works on bringing in organic traffic. It doesn’t mean that SEO focuses only on organic traffic. Take a look at how we place your SEM/PPC profit as one of the priorities.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):  It’s all about ranking on top among the search engine results in the page. The main aim is to have better visibility for users searching for your website. Many people focus on the first page results of search engines. Hence, SEO is essential to generate more business from online searches. However, a brand should understand that SEO is not a quick process but takes time to bring in results.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): It is a way of moving to the top of search engine results by paying per click received. It’s called PPC because you pay based on the number of clicks received. PPC campaigns can be a short-term solution that helps in boosting revenue. SEO work is about earning the ranking while PPC is receiving clicks by paying a certain amount for advertising.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): It is the process of working on marketing with the help of social media. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few, businesses can increase their reach online in order to grow their customer base. Social media marketing also helps in reaching out to potential customers.
  • Email Marketing: This form of marketing existed even before social media platforms came into existence. It’s a form of direct marketing which targets directly at customers, to mailing lists inboxes. Chances are that your marketing email will get lost in a sea of spam mails or other emails, but the trick is getting the recipient to read. Hence, an email should be eye-catching, especially when it comes to the title or subject line. Luckily there are various email marketing tools which agencies like ours use for email marketing services. It is a great way of reaching your customers, even after their purchases or even sending them a newsletter. However, this is not a sure way of gaining customers as they can always opt-out from receiving your mail.
  • Behavioural Retargeting: It is a method that allows you to target individuals based on the websites they visit. In short, based on the browsing history and cookie available from a user’s device, the relevant ads are shown. Know more about how we at Blurn offer behavioural retargeting as one of our services.
  • Video Marketing: It is a marketing strategy that integrates engaging video with meaningful content into your marketing campaigns. It can be used for building a customer base, to promote a brand and to increase brand value. Find out how Blurn helps brands in video marketing.
  • Web Design: It is the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It deals with the user experience and related aspects of website development. Based on the requirement of the brand, a website is designed which would contain everything related to the brand, what it offers, contact details and many more elements. At Blurn, we offer website designing services from scratch.

How Digital Marketing Helps in Growing Your Business

  • Provides Equal Opportunity to All Brands: Small companies along with huge conglomerates get equal opportunities to perform sales and marketing processes that were previously available only to large companies. Small businesses can engage easily and effectively with multiple customers from any part of the world via online presence.
  • Cost-Effective Compared to Traditional Marketing: Providing advertisements in print media and sticking up bills or posters would never guarantee any sales or increase in customers. Also, it used to cost a fortune for small start-ups to advertise with traditional marketing. Digital marketing is cost-effective and has various tools that can target customers and project potential customers.
  • Delivers Conversion: The brands measure success by monitoring the traffic that gets converted into leads or sales. Without conversion, all the website traffic and your marketing efforts will go to waste. That is why business owners streamline their digital marketing campaigns to boost conversion and reap huge profits which is the top priority.
  • Direct Interaction with Target Audience: With the help of internet marketing tools, the audience can be targeted easily. Engagement in any form is what a customer would expect to receive. Digital marketing can successfully provide a platform for such interaction. Depending on how businesses handle such engagements and interactions, the brand would turn out to be a success or a failure.
  • Mobile Consumers Also Get Priority: Mobile devices have already become an integral part of each individual’s life. Also, most people use their mobile phones to easily browse the internet and to do online shopping. If your brand owns a website that has a mobile-friendly user interface, you can achieve better growth and faster expansion. Mobile phones influence the purchasing decisions of consumers these days.
  • Helps Earn People’s Trust: Digital Marketing can influence social media signals and testimonials from actual consumers who have previously opted for the brand’s products or services. The more positive and happier the consumers are, the higher the trust rate it can generate from targeted audiences. These targeted audiences may turn into potential customers. Social media helps in direct interaction with customers by providing specialised customer service for each issue or problems faced. Good customer service is equally essential for a brand to rule the market.



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